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race ready partnerships

Race Ready partnerships are great for members that want to jump right into the action.  Owning a share of a horse that is actively racing and usually in the claiming ranks.  Claiming horses can be fun and profitable!  Race Ready partnerships can also have a shorter ownership cycle as it is highly likely that your horse will be claimed at some point by another owner.  Race Ready partnerships are generally our most affordable ownership option and a lot of fun.

Our Race Ready Horses

Sambam - Abaco Dream - Joint and Several - Little Harbour - Wood Bee

Pennsylvania Bred

The numbers make it clear — Pennsylvania Pays! Over the last 9 years, the PHBA Breeding Fund distributed an average of $28 million each year in Awards, “Owner Bonuses,” and Restricted Race Purses, including $11 million in Breeder and Stallion Awards, $6 million in “Owner Bonuses” at Parx, Penn National and Presque Isle Downs (owner bonus of up to 40% of the purse earned on overnight races – paid with the purse, and $2.75 million in purses for Pennsylvania-Bred Stakes representing 22 races).


In addition, the Breeding Fund and the Pennsylvania Horsemen (HBPA and PTHA) paid $12 million in purses for the Pennsylvania-Bred restricted races.

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Saw The Light - Pagaent Princess - Madefromlucky 2yo Colt



This is where the dream begins!  Buy a share of unraced 2yo horses or lightly raced 3yo horses still developing.  Premier level partnerships may require a little more investment and patience but the potential rewards are far greater as well as the excitement.  Ownership at this level puts you on the front end of the journey with promising young talent.  Experience the thrill of victory and sometimes even the agony of defeat all while enjoying the benefits of being an owner with In The Money Racing.  

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Forgotten Magic - Might n Power - Saw The Light - Pagaent Princess - Madefromlucky 2yo Colt


Pinhooking is the art of prospecting young talent, usually yearlings and juveniles.  Our pinhooking partnerships will raise capital to acquire prospects that will then be trained up to race ready ability.  We have the option to keep these young horses for future racing or sell these horses at the auction for profit.  Pinhooking is a great alternative investment opportunity as well as a good way to diversify any current Thoroughbred investments. 

Our yearlings and juveniles will be trained in Ocala, FL.

The pinhooking fund goal is $20,000 and to be receievd by August 31, 2021