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Race Horse Partnerships

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At In The Money Racing, we offer thoroughbred racehorse partnerships at an affordable price. Driven by a common love for horses and a passion for the industry, investing in a racehorse has become one of the best decisions many of our partners have ever made. We enjoy partnering with people who share the same dreams as we do—to become a part of a winning team. By investing in our horses, you too can experience the thrills and perks of being a racehorse owner, all at a fraction of the price.

You do not have to be a multi-millionaire to become a racehorse partner. You don’t even need to have full ownership of your racehorse. Whether you buy 5% or 50% of the horse, once you make your investment, the horse will be yours and you will be treated like a partner. You do not even have to put all of your investment into one horse. Rather, you can distribute your money and own as many horses as you want. In doing so, you can maximize your chance of winning. One thing is for certain: by investing your share in In The Money Racing, you take very little risk in exchange for a lifetime of reward.

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Benefits of Owning a

In The Money Racing Horse

When you partner with In The Money Racing, you can invest as much as you want into your horse and, no matter what percentage of the horse you buy, you will be an owner and treated like a partner. We will keep you constantly updated about the income and costs brought in by your horse, as well as news of the racehorse industry. Investors also enjoy access to the racetrack and stables. Invest with us and experience the endless benefits of owning a racehorse!


Because you choose how much to invest, owning a horse can be within your price range 


Current racehorse Partnerships and prospects

If you are interested in racehorse partnerships, we at In The Money Racing would like to welcome you into this exciting and invigorating industry. Our thoroughbred horse racing syndicate allows investors to buy horses or to buy a share that is proportional to their investment goals. Investors can also choose to invest in multiple horses.



We’re ready to help you understand every aspect of the industry, and we’ll show you why In The Money Racing is the future of Racing Partnerships.